Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fun with my new Cricut Mini Cake machine :-)

I finally got to play with my new Cake machine today while my kiddos were at preschool.  I learned a lot and I really like the machine.  I did learn real quick not to go outside the white lines on your mat with the gumpaste.  It gums up the rollers...Eeee!  I also need to get a good spatula to remove the cut items from the mat.  I was also having trouble with a thin flourish I cut out.  It cut great but then when I went to put it on the cake it lost it's shape and became a big mess.  So, I'll have to do some homework and see if there are tips and tricks to this.  If anyone is in the know please leave me a comment :-) 

I just got done adding food coloring to my gumpaste.

My first cut with the Cricut cake.  Whoo-hoo!!!

My flower parts...drying.  I used a shot glass from our trip to Cancun LOL to help form this green flower.  But, it broke while I was trying to apply it to my cake....boo-hoo...I also used a Wilton fondant shaping foam square and a small measuring spoon to shape some of the flowers.
My finished cake.

Close up of the flower. 

I used the Cake Basics cart.  Butterfly cut at 4" and the flowers cut at 1",2", and 3" (I think :-)

I feel pretty good about my first attempt.  It'll be fun to continue to use and learn the ins and outs of this machine.  I also want to try fondant, too. 

Thanks for looking!  I love comments!

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  1. OMGosh! I have never seen anything like this!! Where have I been. LOL It looks too yummy!