Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award!!

Thanks so much to  my fellow Circlet, Cassie at Scrappin' Palace for honoring my blog with this award!!  Just click on the link above to view her awesome blog :-)  The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are to tell 7 things about yourself and honor 15 bloggers with this award. 

Okay, 7 things about me...
1) My oldest kiddo is starting Kindergarten in the fall.  Eeeee!
2) I can't wait for Sept.  My younger brother is getting married and all my immediate family will be there :-)
3) I'm going to Vegas in a couple of weeks to celebrate my 9th wedding anniversary.  YAY!!
4) I love watching Food Network.
5) My favorite candy is M&M's.
6) My favorite shows are Criminal Minds, American Idol and Survivor.
7) I used to be a staff accountant for JPMorgan Chase before having a baby and becoming a SAHM.

On to the 15 bloggers I get to pass this award on to :-)  Yay!
Heather http://housesbuiltofcards.blogspot.com/
Kelly http://kbiendesigns.blogspot.com/
Nicole http://scrap-utopia.blogspot.com/
Debbie http://debseclecticthoughts.blogspot.com/
Jessica http://paperdeckerations.blogspot.com/
Tracy http://scrappininthewoods.blogspot.com/
DeeDee http://deedeecampbell.blogspot.com/
Stefani http://stylesbystefani.blogspot.com/
Missie http://createdbymissie.blogspot.com/
Ashley http://cricut-crazed-lady.blogspot.com/
Mary http://marebearscraps.blogspot.com/
Renee http://icameisawicreated.blogspot.com/
Cindy http://www.cindyvernon.blogspot.com/
Danni http://dannisdreamscrafts.blogspot.com/
Elaine http://www.expressionsbyelaine.blogspot.com/

Time to pass on the love ladies :-). Thanks again Cassie!!


  1. Awe!! What an honor!!! Thanks for thinking of me!!! I appreciate it!!

  2. Thank you for the award! It's really appreciated!